” Hi Sharon,
I wanted to say the biggest thank you to you and your team for the perfect evening.
The food was amazing, as was the service, and everyone complimented us on such a great choice of venue.
Both you and Danielle were so lovely and accommodating right from the start and it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you.
We’re flying out to Hawaii in a few hours, but I couldn’t leave without sending you this email to tell you just how much we appreciated everything.
Take care, and I’m sure I’ll run into at the Lagoon some time soon.
Many thanks, and cheers!
Sally ”

” Hello Sharon and also to Danielle and Ray
I wanted to email and thank you all very sincerely on a wonderful evening for Noel’s retirement.
The evening went really well with everybody enjoying themselves and commenting on the delicious food served.
Ray (I hope I have his name correct), did an outstanding job in fantastic customer service and pleasantness.  He was astute in realising that speeches were about to be made, closing doors for privacy and sound reduction (on  very busy night in the restaurant area) and ensuring that people were served their food immediately  before and after the speeches .  Coupled with speedy and efficient service, was a smile and an appropriately genuine sense of humour.
Emily went backwards and forwards with cake and extra orders for more cake slices  towards the end of the evening, and that was also much appreciated.
It was lovely to have the surprise of the Grace Room on the night (although just lucky for us that the restaurant was so full booked),  but this was most suitable for our evening and just the right size.
Thank you all so much. You are all vey good at what you do!
Adelle ”

”Hi Sharon  Just wanted to say thankyou so much for Friday you were my angel and if it wasn’t for you my wedding day would have been a disaster thankyou so much I really appreciated everything you did for me and micheal and our  twins 🙂 ”