A Word From Management

Welcome to Wollongong’s Premier Seafood Restaurant, Winner of Restaurant Awards since 1986 and now in the Hall of Fame.

Dear guests,

I would like to welcome you to our restaurant and assure you that the seafood you are about to enjoy is of the freshest quality, mostly caught locally, brought daily from the markets or flown in from interstate.

The success of our style of cooking depends on the very best ingredients being treated in the simplest way to enhance their natural flavours. The meals are prepared to order “a la minute”, nothing is pre-cooked, please allow a little time so that our qualified chefs can ensure your meal is prepared with expertise and care.

If at any time we are unable to serve you an item which appears on the menu, it is only because it wasn’t available fresh on the day. For instance, at certain times of the year, newly moulted crabs or lobsters are best left alone… their meat being less developed and watery.

We hope you enjoy our food and hospitality.

Thank you for dining with us.

Your Host
Andrew Harrison