Lagoon Lounge

imagesThe Lagoon Lounge bar has live entertainment every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  We are licensed till 2am and you can simply drop in for a drink.The Lounge is also the perfect venue to host your Cocktail Party. Celebrate in a relaxed environment and enjoy some of our delicious canapés.For more information on Cocktail Parties download our Cocktail Party Package or call us on (02) 4226 1677


Entertainment Schedule
Friday 16th of September                                               Robert Gyngell
Saturday 17th of September                                           Natasha Scott
Sunday 18th of September                                              Tatum Trio
Friday 23rd of September                                               Mark Dabin
Saturday 24th of September                                           Solo Spiro
Sunday 25th of September                                              The Mood Operators
Friday 30th of September                                               Andrew Webb
Saturday 1st of October                                                   Natasha Scott
Sunday 2nd of October                                                   Tatum Trio
Friday 7th of October                                                      Vitaley
Saturday 8th of October                                                  Solo Spiro
Sunday 9th of October                                                      Barefoot Souls
Friday 14th of October                                                     Robert Gyngell
Sunday 16th of October                                                    Tatum Trio
Friday 21st of October                                                     Mark Dabin
Saturday 22nd of October                                               Solo Spiro
Sunday 23rd of October                                                   The Mood Operators
Friday 28th of October                                                     Andrew Webb
Saturday 29th of October                                                 Natasha Scott
Sunday 30th of October                                                   Tatum Trio
Friday 4th of November                                                   Vitaley
Sunday 6th of November                                                 Barefoot Souls
Friday 11th of November                                                 Robert Gyngell
Sunday 13th of November                                               Tatum Trio
Friday 18th of November                                                Mark Dabin
Saturday 19th of November                                             Solo Spiro
Sunday 20th of November                                              The Mood Operators
Friday 25th of November                                                 Andrew Webb
Saturday 26th of November                                             Natasha Scott
Sunday 27th of November                                               Tatum Trio
Monday 28th of Nov (Night Markets)                             Robert Gyngell
Friday 2nd of December                                                  Stephen Verny Smith
Saturday 3rd of December                                                Solo Spiro
Sunday 4th of December                                                  Barefoot Souls
Friday 9th of December                                                   Robert Gyngell
Saturday 10th of December                                             Natasha Scott
Sunday 11th of December                                                The Mood Operators
Friday 16th of December (Dinner)                                   Mark Dabin
Saturday 17th of December                                            Andrew Webb
Sunday 18th of December                                               Tatum Trio
Friday 23rd of December (Dinner)                                    Andrew Webb
Saturday 24th of December                                             Solo Spiro
Sunday 25th of December (Xmas Day)                            Robert Gyngell
Friday 30th of December                                                Stephen Verny Smith
Sunday 1st of January 2017                                          The Mood Operators